October 4, 2002

Lycoris announces pre-sale of the ProductivityPak amd Desktop/LX InterConnect

Jason Spisak writes: Two highly anticipated products from Lycoris are now able for pre-purchase at a sale price from the Lycoris Store. The ProductivityPak office suite and Desktop/LX InterConnect operating system, which includes an office suite and legacy host connectivity. These new products are currently in their final Beta and represent the latest additions to the expanding Lycoris product line.

In the quest for strong software products provided at reasonable prices, Lycoris has created the ProductivityPak, which includes Lycoris Office, Lycoris PDASync Palm Pilot synchronization tool, and hundreds of labels and templates for 15% of the cost of Office XP. The ProductivityPak runs on Desktop/LX and is based on OpenOffice.org. It provides read and write compatibility with Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files,plus over twenty other formats. The ProductivityPak also includes the Lycoris Artist, a vector and raster drawing program, as well as Lycoris WebWriter for creating and editing simple web pages in "what you see is what you get" (WYSIWYG) fashion.

"Desktop/LX users can buy six copies of the ProductivityPak for the price of a single copy of Office XP. That's not an exaggeration. For most office tasks, the level of functionality is identical, and we give them their money's worth," states Jason Spisak, Lycoris Marketing Director. "We include templates, labels, and you can export documents to the web. With the ProductivityPak, people have the functions they expect, packaged well, at a price they can afford. Its's another example of how Desktop/LX is definitely a less expensive platform."

Features of the ProductivityPak include:

  • ProductivityPak Installer for easy installation
  • Lycoris Writer
  • Lycoris Spreadsheet
  • Lycoris Presents
  • Lycoris Artist
  • Lycoris WebWriter
  • Lycoris PDASync Palm Pilot synchronization tool
  • Read and write Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents
  • Hundreds of labels and templates
  • Mail merge
  • Auto spell check and thesaurus in all Lycoris Office applications
  • For a complete tour, please visit http://www.lycoris.com/products/ppak/

The ProductivityPak is also included in the Desktop/LX InterConnect product. Desktop/LX InterConnect provides the full Desktop/LX operating system, the ProductivityPak, Lycoris RDP client, and PowerTerm InterConnect Linux Edition, which is Ericom Software's proven host connectivity solution. Corporations with mainframe connectivity needs, now have a solution that provides a stable and easy to use operating system, an office suite, and remote administration tools all on one simple to install CD-ROM.

Features in Desktop/LX InterConnect include:

  • Desktop/LX Installer for easy client installation
  • Ericom PowerTerm InterConnect native Linux-to-host connectivity
  • ProductivityPak office suite
  • Lycoris Remote Desktop VNC and RDP client
  • Lycoris PDASync Palm OS synchronization software
  • Lycoris Desktop Sharing and Remote Assistance software
  • Mozilla 1.0 Final web browser and email client
  • Integrated configuration utilities, including the Desktop/LX Control Center and the Desktop/LX Video Recovery Mode
  • For a complete tour, please visit http://www.lycoris.com/products/interconnect/

To pre-purchase your copy of the ProductivityPak and Desktop/LX InterConnect, please visit the new Lycoris Store at http://www.lycoris.com/store/

For corporate or volume sales information contact Lycoris sales at sales@lycoris.com / +1 805 579-0444

About Lycoris

Lycoris, located in Redmond, Washington, was founded in 2000 with a vision of making Linux simple enough for anyone to use. Lycoris packages Open Source applications for the consumer market and integrates them into Desktop/LX, their simple, robust Linux desktop. Lycoris has enjoyed amazingly positive press coverage and has rocketed into the spotlight as the provider of Desktop/LX. For more information please visit the Lycoris website at www.lycoris.com.

About Ericom

Ericom was founded in 1994 to address the emerging needs of organizations to access mission critical legacy applications residing on centralized host systems including IBM Mainframe, IBM AS/400, Digital, Data General, HP, Tandem and Unix. Ericom has become a leading provider of corporate connectivity, e-business, wireless and business-to-business solutions that extend the life of host and legacy data by creating Internet applications from existing host resources. Ericom develops, markets and supports a complete line of connectivity software products including the PowerTerm ® series of terminal emulators. For more information please visit the Ericom Software website at www.ericom.com.

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