February 5, 2002

Lycoris Desktop/LX now shipping in box sets

Author: JT Smith

Jason Spisak writes: Box sets of the Lycoris flagship product, Desktop/LX, which was formally known as Redmond Linux Personal, are immediately available from Lycoris and approved resellers worldwide.

As with all Lycoris products, Desktop/LX champions usability, familiarity, and economy. Desktop/LX is now available in two box packages, standard or deluxe. The standard box set includes the Desktop/LX CD-ROM, a 30 page installation manual, and 60 days of e-mail support directly from Lycoris. Desktop/LX Deluxe includes everything in the standard package, plus 2 extra CD-ROMs, Source Code and DevTools. These tools allow developers to use Desktop/LX Deluxe as a development platform. Desktop/LX allows consumers to have a full featured desktop for $29.95, and the Desktop/LX Deluxe development set sells for $39.95.

According to Lycoris CTO and Founder, Joseph Cheek, Desktop/LX is now a viable platform for Linux application develpment and inclusion in OEM PC's.

"We now have a desktop operating system that's easy to use, stable, and easy to update. It's an attactive platform for application developers to work their magic and offer an alternative on the desktop." says Cheek. "We will be leading the way in this area by offering software packages tailored specifically for Desktop/LX soon as well."

Desktop/LX installation has been touted as one of the easiest in the Linux community, and normally completes in about 20 minutes on current hardware. The installation procedure keeps the process simple by auto detecting supported video, audio, and network hardware, as well as attached printers. Lycoris enhances Desktop/LX with tools like the Desktop/LX Update Wizard. This wizard walks Internet connected users through getting the latest version of Desktop/LX. It's simple, and keeps systems in sync with the latest Lycoris improvements. Support for HSP Winmodems makes connecting to an Internet Service Provider easier than ever.

The Desktop/LX single CD installation gives the user a complete set of applications with which to work, yet not overwhleming them with choices.

"Desktop/LX doesn't mob the user with five different web browsers. Instead we give them the best of breed for getting the job done. We have applications grouped in the menu based on what they do for the user. This makes it easy for people who are not familiar with the applications by name to still work quickly," adds Jason Spisak who is on the Board of Advisors for Lycoris.

Lycoris has shipped box sets to locations all over the world, and their latest offering has proved to be in demand. Liscensing deals with hardware companies are the next step for Lycoris to put Desktop/LX into the hands of consumers from the moment they turn on their PC. The Lycoris Desktop/LX box sets represent a significant move forward for Linux on the desktop.

About Lycoris

Lycoris, located in Redmond, Washington, was started in the year 2000 with a vision of making Linux easy enough for anyone to use. The company makes open source applications easy to use and integrates them into the linux desktop.

About Joseph Cheek (CTO and founder)

Joseph Cheek's highly technical background has allowed him to work for companies such as Linuxcare (as a Senior Linux Consultant) and Microsoft (as a network and systems tester). He co-authored the book "Integrating Your Network with Caldera OpenLinux 2.3", was a Technical Contributor to Microsoft's Windows 98 Resource Kit, and writes a monthly Linux column for Computer Source Magazine. As an entrepreneur Joseph has worked as a freelance computer network consultant in both the Novell NetWare and Linux spaces.

About Jason Spisak (Board member)

Jason Spisak has a background in the entertainment industry, and uses his knowledge of marketing and aesthetic design to help Lycoris create and sell attractive, buyer-friendly products. His skills aid in positioning Lycoris as a player in the desktop software marketplace and his focus is to bring Open Source, profitability, and usability together under one roof.

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