February 4, 2002

Lycoris launches community portal

Author: JT Smith

Jason Spisak writes: Lycoris enthusiastically cut the ribbon today on its new community portal, www.lycoris.org. The site was created to meet the needs of the growing population using its flagship product Lycoris Desktop/LX. Users can now find tutorials, editorials, forums, and the latest Lycoris news all in one place.

"It's like a new home. Users of Desktop/LX can exchange ideas and help us improve our product quickly and efficiently. There's a forum for installation, one for multimedia, and even one for experienced linux people to bring up important technical issues they discover while using Desktop/LX. One of Linux's strengths has always been its virtual cities where people trade knowledge and help each other. Now Desktop/LX users have their very own subdivision." said Jason Spisak, who serves on the Lycoris Board of Advisors.

The portal uses an open source technology named MyPHPNuke, which is based on the PHP web scripting language. Lycoris chose MyPHPNuke because of its strong open source community foundation and it's flexibility. The portal allows users to send private messages to each other, have their outside e-mail accounts checked into a convienent, private web-mailbox, and have their own private event calendar. Additionally, users can see at a glance who is currently online, and who has logged in recently. The site provides search capability for all of the posted news articles and other content so that users can quickly find the valuable piece of knowledge they need.

In keeping with the tradition of giving back to open source, Lycoris is donating the customized theme for www.lycoris.org back to the MyPHPNuke community.

"I believe in respecting those people who have helped us by opening their code. When we give back to the community, the possibility of our success actually becomes stronger because the community is where we get the basis for our products," said CTO and Founder, Joseph Cheek.

About Lycoris

Lycoris, located in Redmond, Washington, was started in the year 2000 with a vision of making Linux easy enough for anyone to use. The company makes open source applications easy to use and integrates them into the linux desktop.

About Joseph Cheek (CTO and founder)

Joseph Cheek's highly technical background has allowed him to work for companies such as Linuxcare (as a Senior Linux Consultant) and Microsoft (as a network and systems tester). He co-authored the book "Integrating Your Network with Caldera OpenLinux 2.3", was a Technical Contributor to Microsoft's Windows 98 Resource Kit, and writes a monthly Linux column for Computer Source Magazine. As an entrepreneur Joseph has worked as a freelance computer network consultant in both the Novell NetWare and Linux spaces.

About Jason Spisak (Board member)

Jason Spisak has a background in the entertainment industry, and uses his knowledge of marketing and aesthetic design to help Lycoris create and sell attractive, buyer-friendly products. His skills aid in positioning Lycoris as a player in the desktop software marketplace and his focus is to bring Open Source, profitability, and usability together under one roof.

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