March 28, 2002

Lycoris partners with Kudzu Enterprises and offers Compaq laptops preloaded with Desktop/LX

From Jason Spisak: Responding to the needs of its customers, Lycoris is pleased to announce its newest Partner, Kudzu Enterprises, will be the first Lycoris Distributor worldwide. Lycoris also now proudly offers Compaq laptops pre-loaded with Desktop/LX.

Responding to the needs of its customers, Lycoris has Partnered with Kudzu Enterprises for distribution of its flagship product, Desktop/LX. Kudzu's existing channels and reseller relationships now make Desktop/LX available worldwide through popular on-line and retail software stores. This important step brings Desktop/LX into the hands of more users in the quickest time frame.

"We are extremely excited to be a distribution partner for Desktop/LX. Our retailers throughout the world have been continually inquiring about Desktop/LX and we are pleased to now be able to satisfy their requests. Lycoris has a lot of buzz around their company and products right now and we believe Desktop/LX will be a very successful addition to our product line," states Kudzu's Darren Finnamore

"As Lycoris prepares to offer its ProductivityPak, partnerships, like this one with Kudzu, allow us to get the growing Lycoris Product Line to the hands of consumers. Not that we don't love selling direct, but the real value to customers comes from being able to get Desktop/LX and other Lycoris Products, anywhere, anytime, through their favorite reseller. Kudzu will make that happen," explains Jason Spisak, Marketing Director for Lycoris. For more information on becoming a Lycoris Distributor or Lycoris Reseller, contact

In another exciting move, Lycoris has again expanded its product line with the addition of pre-loaded Desktop/LX Compaq laptops. In addition to Hewlett Packard personal computers, Lycoris now offers Compaq laptops, which include a 30 day limited warranty from Compaq, pre-loaded with a Desktop/LX box set. Lycoris provides 60 days of e-mail support for the software and for a limited time sells the entire package for $729.99. The specifications for this exciting product are as follows:

  • Compaq Armada 7400 Notebook
  • 300Mhz Pentium II Processor
  • AGP Graphics
  • Switchable CD ROM Drive and 3.5 inch Disk Drive
  • 6.4 GB Hard Drive
  • 128 RAM
  • Desktop/LX Amethyst
  • 13.1 inch TFT Active Matrix Screen
  • 56k voice/fax modem
  • Refurbished with 30 day Limited Warranty

This exciting new product is available for purchase by contacting the Lycoris sales department at

About Lycoris

Lycoris, located in Redmond, Washington, was founded in 2000 with a vision
of making Linux simple enough for anyone to use. Lycoris packages Open Source applications for the comsumer market and integrates them into Desktop/LX, their simple, robust Linux desktop. Lycoris has enjoyed amazingly positive press coverage and has rocketed into the spotlight as the provider of Desktop/LX. Lycoris is currently seeking funding to accelerate the time to market of Lycoris Desktop/LX Professional and Lycoris ProductivityPak, which are the largest potential new markets for Lycoris as the leading provider of Linux specifically targeted for the desktop market. For more information e-mail

About Kudzu Enterprises

Located in Minneapolis, MN, Kudzu Distribution is a new leading source for software and books. The founders' experience in the software distribution industry provides retailers the best possible line of products available for a variety of platforms including Linux, BSD, Windows and more. Kudzu associated resellers enjoy same day shipping to ensure quick, accurate product delivery. For more information, email or call +01 (952) 947-0822

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