December 13, 2002

Lycoris ProductivityPak ships for 15% of Microsoft

Jason Spisak writes "Lycoris ProductivityPak ships for 15% of Microsoft Office XP's price."

Redmond, WA - December 13, 2002 -- From the company that brought Desktop/LX to the $199 PC comes a new office suite featuring simple installation coupled with Word, Excel and PowerPoint compatibility for Desktop/LX users. The ProductivityPak provides full office suite power at the affordable price of $49.95. Lycoris is the first software company to sell separate operating system and full office suite products for under $80 to compete directly with Microsoft Office and Windows in the general business market. This pioneering step makes Desktop/LX the primary platform for customers looking to control costs and use open products.

Businesses, schools and homes can purchase the ProductivityPak from the Lycoris Store. Lycoris will be leveraging its blue-chip retail partnerships to make the ProductivityPak available from places such as This exciting software package includes Lycoris Office, Lycoris PDASync Palm Pilot synchronization tool, and hundreds of labels and templates for 15% of the cost of Office XP. The ProductivityPak runs on Desktop/LX and provides read and write compatibility with Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files, plus over twenty other formats. The ProductivityPak also includes Lycoris Web Writer for creating and editing simple web pages in "what you see is what you get" (WYSIWYG) fashion.

"Now there's an OS and office suite alternative from the same company. Desktop/LX users can buy six copies of the ProductivityPak for the price of a single copy of Office XP. We're not saying we match every feature, but most users don't use half the features in our competitors' products, so why pay for them? For most office tasks, the ProductivityPak gives you identical functionality, and you get your money's worth," states Jason Spisak, Lycoris Marketing Director. "It's another example of Desktop/LX being a less expensive platform than Windows."

The low price tag of $49.95 enables the ProductivityPak to make inroads into offices, schools, homes and non-profit organizations that are concerned about the increasing cost of Microsoft licensing. With a full operating system and office suite combination priced at under $80, users get the stability of Linux plus the trademark simplicity of Lycoris products for less than the price of any competing desktop OS alone. The features of the ProductivityPak include the modern conveniences users expect from office applications such as word completion, auto-correction and more.

Lycoris ProductivityPak includes:

  • ProductivityPak Installer for easy installation
  • Lycoris Writer
  • Lycoris Spreadsheet
  • Lycoris Presents
  • Lycoris Artist
  • Lycoris Web Writer
  • Lycoris PDASync Palm Pilot synchronization tool
  • Read and write Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents
  • Hundreds of labels and templates
  • Mail merge
  • Auto spell check and thesaurus in all Lycoris
  • Office applications
  • Integrated look and feel with simplified toolbars and hotkeys

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Lycoris continues making consumer-driven products that are easy to use and inexpensive. To purchase your copy of the ProductivityPak and Desktop/LX, please visit the new Lycoris Store. To purchase pre-installed Desktop/LX PCs from, please visit the Lycoris Catalog.

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