November 11, 2003

Lycoris Software Grows to Six Titles Strong

Author: Lycoris

Jason Spisak writes "Lycoris Software Grows to Six Titles Strong

Redmond, WA - November, 10 2003 -
As the leader in desktop Linux software, Lycoris continues to grow, now offering its sixth software title; Solitaire Ace. With over 200 single player card games, Solitaire Ace offers the complete package of refined open source software, beautiful icons and easy installation all in a smart, collectible CD tin package.
Solitaire Ace features music, high quality card sets, card backs and backgrounds as well as a Demo Wizard which will play any game from begining to end magically before the player's eyes.
As other Linux companies are pulling away fom the desktop, Lycoris renews its commitment to making simple, affordable software for its Desktop/LX Operating System with this addition to the Lycoris product line. Lycoris Solitaire Ace is immediately available
for purchase from the Lycoris Store and particpating Authorized Lycoris Resellers.

“Lycoris knows the desktop market,”, explains Jason Spisak,
Vice President of Marketing for Lycoris. “Our users want the titles they are accustomed to seeing on other operating systems.
They want standards, like solitaire, in an easy to install package. At Lycoris, we're the best at making Linux fun, and it shows.”

The Solitaire Ace game list includes:

  • Aces Up
  • Baker's Game
  • Canfield
  • FreeCell
  • Forty Thieves
  • Golf
  • Klondike
  • Pyramid
  • Scorpion
  • Spider
  • Yukon
  • Over 190 more!

Solitaire Ace offers many compelling features that enhance gameplay beyond a simple virtual card game. Solitaire Ace offers undo and redo to back the game up step by step to make a different choice for users learning the effect of a given play path.
For users not familiar, or re-learning how to play a certain game, the Demo Wizard will magically play any game from begining to end, as the user watches. Elegant card backs and card sets allow the player to make Solitaire Ace look just the way they like.
Players can also view all of the games using the playable preview, where a minature screen shows each game as its selected in a half size preview window that it fully playable! For users who get interupted, its no problem.
Solitaire Ace has a bookmark feature that lets players bookmark a game and pick up exactly where they left off.
Solitaire Ace, with all of these features, games and more, is now available with collectible tin from the Lycoris Store for $20.

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