April 6, 2004

!M = NoMachine

Chuck Talk writes "Have you ever stumbled across a very useful project by accident? I feel like I have done just such a thing today, because I came across what is undoubtedly one of the best remote administration tools that I have seen to date. The real beauty about this project is not only that it is the outcome of an open source project released under the GNU GPL license, but it also has one of the best User interfaces I have seen to date.

The project is called !M = No Machine and is released by an Italian company, Medialogic S.p.A. and is actively seeking new developers to join in the NX revolution. Open Source developers should contact Medialogic if they are interested in building in NX technology into their applications, or if they wish to test No Machine for their applications. I am sending out inquiries to see if I can interview CTO Gian Fillipo Panzari, and will ask that any interested readers who would like to ask questions of Medialogic submit them here. I will choose the best 10 questions and submit them directly to Mr. Panzari for his replies."

Link: orangecrate.com


  • Linux
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