April 1, 2003

MadPenguin announces TykeLinux project

Adam Doxtater writes "Las Vegas, Nevada, March 31, 2003 MadPenguin.org announces today its TykeLinux (current working title) project, a Linux distro geared toward child development and learning. The distribution will be based and built upon Ark Linux 1.0a7.1 and the KDE 3.1.x desktop environment. It will include several educational tools, as well as cross-platform compatible office applications.

From MadPenguin.org:

The TykeLinux project is designed to give our children and those who educate them, a viable open source alternative to more costly operation systems such as Apple Macintosh and Microsoft Windows. The TykeLinux distribution will provide the following benefits:

  • Children The main goal of TykeLinux is to provide children with a solid, entertaining, and educational environment using the finest open source programs available today. Not only will they benefit from the educational tools, they will also be learning to use an operating system that will play a prominent role in their futures. TykeLinux will arm them with the knowledge to easily understand and operate a fully functional Linux system.
  • Schools and institutions Educational institutions will benefit from the ability to utilize a standardized desktop environment and applications, while saving money. Schools generally have a very slim IT budget and TykeLinux will allow them to spend those budget dollars on other important projects whether it be newer computer equipment or something else like new textbooks and supplies. Either way, the children will benefit from the increase in institutional finances. TykeLinux will also reduce the support costs involved in maintaining information systems by using one of the most stable operating environments on the planet.
  • Parents Whether their parents use Linux or not, TykeLinux will provide them with the ability to learn with their children. Our distribution also doubles as a fully functioning Linux system, so parents can learn to use the operating system and become productive very quickly.

While we are still in the planning stage, we are formally beginning our search for developers who wish to help us with this project. Any interested parties, please contact us at development@madpenguin.org. Once we have enough developers onboard for the project, we will commence planning and enter the development phase.

Our choice to use Ark Linux as a base for building this distro is based completely on usability features built into the operating system. We believe that this distro will serve the purpose of putting Linux in our schools and homes with minimal transitional anxiety by the end users and those who support the systems. We would like to thank Bernhard "Bero" Rosenkraenzer for giving us his blessing to use Ark for this project. We look forward to working with his team in the future.

As with any open source/Linux project, we are completely open to suggestion and input from the community. We will also be placing special attention on the needs of educational institutions, and will work that into the development plan.

Developer goals:

  • Easy for end-user to setup dual-boot for computers with Windows preinstalled
  • Integrate target applications into the current Ark Linux distribution, paying close attention to consistency of menu layout in KDE, etc.
  • Make application bundle available to easily integrate into the Ark Linux distribution to allow them to use our work as an additional bonus CD. This will allow current Ark users to be able to have the same program access as TykeLinux users.

The bottom line is that our children are, and will continue to be, our greatest asset. Our goal is to realize that and build a distribution that will help them to learn and grow.

When the distro is complete, we will make it available free of charge under the GNU General Public License as an ISO image free for anyone to use.
Once again, any interested developers that would like to join this project, please contact us at development@madpenguin.org. We look forward to working with you all.

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MadPenguin Development development@madpenguin.org

Link: http://www.madpenguin.org


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