Mageia 6 GNU/Linux Distribution Launches Officially with KDE Plasma 5, GRUB2


After a long wait, the final release of the Mageia 6 GNU/Linux operating system is finally here, and it looks like it comes with a lot of exciting new features and performance improvements.

According to Mageia contributor Rémi Verschelde, development of the major Mageia 6 release took longer than anticipated because the team wanted to transform it into their greatest release yet. Mageia 6 comes more than two years after the Mageia 5 series, and seven and a half months after Mageia 5.1.

“Though Mageia 6’s development was much longer than anticipated, we took the time to polish it and ensure that it will be our greatest release so far,” reads today’s announcement. “We thank our community for their patience, and also our packagers and QA team who provided an extended support for Mageia 5 far beyond the initial schedule.”

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