December 15, 2003

The Magical Fishing Tour

agentorange writes "While I deplore the activity that appears to have been an attack on the SCO Group website, I do not hold a denial of truth to be any less deplorable. Unlike the perpetrator of that attack, I am willing to allow justice to run its course. I believe that the SCO Group have a rather steep grade to climb in proving their allegations, and the transcripts from GrokLaw have proven to be very revealing, indeed.

I am convinced that the SCO Group case is, and always has been a search for deep pockets. It was hoped that the simple action of using the media to postulate the case as one of IBM (Goliath) trampling upon the rights of the SCO Group (actually Caldera not SCO). The SCO Group was supposed to appear as an injured underdog, being threatened and cornered into filing suit.

There was only one problem with that, and that problem has been the collective mouths of the SCO Group actors who have been playing the media stage. They have consistently been well, inconsistent. This has the effect of sending people off in different directions, following first one line of ideation, then another.
Having thought that the SCO Group would certainly have some grounds for bringing suit, I too, followed that possibility early on.

I would have ignored this case for the most part, had their not been a concerted effort to conceal the supposed evidence that has so flamboyantly been claimed in the media and the statements from the SCO Group which never seem to jibe with reality. If anything, they seem to be borrowing from a Hollywood publicity tour promotion, for they seem to be under the mistaken impression that the more people have to say about you, the more important you are."



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