Maguma Workbench: New Release

Maguma writes “On 20 January 2005 Maguma has published the newest version of Maguma Workbench. Maguma Workbench 2.2 has new features, more stability and a new pricing concept. During the same period Maguma will also publish the Maguma Workbench SDK, for more independence to create new modules for your „Workbench“. For this reason Maguma has created a competition for developers, to create new plugins.

The new features like the PHP Function list, Drag´n´drop and the hotkey F12 (hide/restore tool windows) brings you more efficiency for developing. Also patches have been applied to the PHP Code Parser, Class Wizard, Script Parameter Implementation and more (see Changelog for more details.

With this release of Workbench we are also making a reality of “Make it your Workbench†which means now the core price of Workbench is only 69 Euro and it’s up to the user to choose which modules/features they want to add to the core product. The core provides the basic features such as Syntax-highlighting, Class browsing, and script execution while the extra modules provide the added features such as local filesystem browsing, debugging, regular expression developer, and much more. So each customer can buy only the function and modules that they need and will use.

With Maguma Workbench 2.2 we have the following modules: Debugger, FileManager, RemoteBrowser, CVSManager, HtmlTidy, RegexHelper, ClassWizard, FunctionList, Snippets and Workspace.

In additional Maguma has created three new Maguma Workbench Bundles: Maguma Workbench Starter, Maguma Workbench Designer and Maguma Workbench Professional. All bundles come discounted off the total base price.

With Maguma Workbench SDK (Software Development Kit) all users have the possibility to create personal modules. The documentation provides both the API specifications along with an example module for the “hands-on†experience of seeing how it works in the background. „Make it Your Workbench“ has a new meaning!

With the publishing the SDK Maguma will organize a Plugin competition in the Maguma Community. Everyone has the possibility to download the Maguma Workbench SDK and a trial version of the modular PHP IDE, Maguma Workbench 2.2 and take the chance to develop a new plugin. The best Plugins will win prizes. Maguma Workbench will provide a fresh platform for developers of all levels, more independence, more flexiblity, and always more fun programming.”