March 22, 2004

Mail Server Survey March 2004

Falko Timme writes "Likewise to some sites on the web that publish web server surveys (e.g. like Netcraft) to document the market shares of the different web servers out there (e.g. Apache, IIS, etc.) I will try to perform such surveys for mail servers on a regular basis in the future. Due to my limited resources I cannot scan millions of mail servers at a time, but nevertheless I think these surveys will generate interesting results.

In my Mail Server Survey for March 2004 I scanned over 106,000 mail servers. The results can be found here: 004.php

The main conclusion of this survey is this: "[...] Sendmail, Postfix and Exim make up for over 70% of the mail servers in this survey. As these servers are usually running under a *nix-like operating system (Unix, Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris, etc.) it shows the power of *nix-like operating systems in the mail server market.""


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