January 8, 2002

Mail to SMS 2 way gateway 5 user trial

Author: JT Smith

Cristian Draghici writes: "eFone implements a mail to sms bi-directional gateway.
It runs on top of Sendmail, available for RedHat Linux as a RPM package.

eFone converts incoming mail to SMSes and incoming SMSes into outgoing mail, turning the mobile into a email terminal.
It can use several GSM devices including Siemens M20, Siemens M1, Nokia 6210, Nokia 7110, Ericsson GM22, Falcom A20.
A high volume interface to CMG's SMSC is also available.

It also offers WebMail, POP3 and Wap interfaces.
For more details and a 5 user free license, check out eFone International's web page at www.efone.com.


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