March 21, 2007

Major update for Win4Lin

Sharon Smith writes "New Release includes Multi-session support for two concurrent user sessions

AUSTIN, TX -- Virtual Bridges, Inc, a provider of desktop and enterprise virtualization solutions for business, announced today the release of a major upgrade to its award-winning Win4Lin Pro product.

Win4Lin Pro Desktop allows Linux users to run Windows applications from the security of the Linux desktop. Win4Lin Virtual Desktop Server is the enterprise/SMB product for delivering Windows applications to Linux Desktops and thin clients via a Linux server.

Major highlights of Win4Lin 4:
• Cut and paste between Windows and Linux
• Enhanced graphics modes for Windows XP guests, including better color and resolution options
• Headless start
• Bridged networking support
• Keyboard improvements
• Improved file system integration, including better support for non-U.S. file names
• Two concurrent user sessions per license
• Improved host Linux kernel support, including new, fully open-source device driver
• Many general usability improvements
• Core virtualization enhancements

Supported Linux distributions for Win4Lin Pro Desktop 4 include Ubuntu, SUSE Linux Enterprise, Mandriva, Red Hat, Linspire, Freespire, Debian, Fedora Core, and OpenSUSE. Other distributions may work with Win4Lin Pro Desktop 4 but have not been tested by Virtual Bridges.

"With this announcement of the new release of Win4Lin Pro Desktop and support by Win4Lin for Ubuntu, Ubuntu is once more able to deliver class leading solutions, to our customers,” said Malcolm Yates, ISV and Partner manager at Canonical. “Our users can reduce their management effort by maintaining existing applications and moving to Ubuntu for the future.”

"We are extremely pleased to be partnering with Win4Lin, especially because their technology is a response to a growing demand for virtual environments. Win4Lin has established itself as a leading provider of virtualization solutions and now, for the first time, our users have easy access to the best-integrated support for Win4Lin Desktop Pro", said François Bancilhon, Mandriva CEO.

Win4Lin Pro Desktop features include:
• Runs Windows 2000/XP Applications and Desktop on Linux Desktop at near-native speed
• Ability to display either full desktop mode or "floating" application mode
• Windows malware resistance through "renewable" Windows architecture
• Allows re-use of your existing Windows license for both cost-savings and broad application compatibility
• Full integration between the Linux Desktop and Windows file systems for user documents and settings

“Win4Lin differentiates itself from desktop virtualization vendors by focusing on Windows virtualization and integration into the host Linux environment,” said Jim Curtin, president and CEO of Virtual Bridges. “Win4Lin 4 increases the value to customers migrating from Windows to Linux by offering the smoothest, most integrated way to run Windows applications within one’s Linux environment.”

“Win4Lin 4, with its open source kernel module, one-click-to-Windows and its many ease of use enhancements, makes it the ideal choice of customers and partners looking to offer a compelling alternative to Vista,” said Leo Reiter, CTO of Virtual Bridges.

Win4Lin Pro Desktop was recently picked as the winner in a LinuxWorld Magazine face-off review against VMware Workstation™ and was the winner of the prestigious LinuxWorld Expo Award for Best Enterprise Integration Product.

Pricing and Availability

Win4Lin Pro Desktop 4 is available immediately.
Win4Lin Pro 4 is being offered to new users at the price of $69. Existing Win4Lin Pro users can upgrade to Win4Lin Pro for $19.99 until 15 April 2007.

To buy or to upgrade to Win4Lin Pro 4 now, please visit

Win4Lin Product Family

Other products in the Win4Lin product family include, Win4Lin 9x Terminal Server and Win4Lin Virtual Desktop Server. These products are the company’s SMB and enterprise solutions for delivering Windows applications on thin clients via a Linux server. Win4Lin branded products allow Fortune 500 enterprises, educational institutions, SMB and desktop to run the Windows desktop and Windows applications on Linux in true Windows sessions.

For more information about Win4Lin brand products please visit

About Virtual Bridges
Virtual Bridges, Inc. develops SMB and enterprise virtualization solutions for business. Virtual Bridges’ products are multi-platform and are aimed at businesses that want to use virtualization solutions to create sustainable business advantage.

Win4Lin, Win4Lin Pro Desktop, Win4BSD Pro Desktop, Win4Lin Virtual Desktop Server and Win4Lin 9X Terminal Server are trademarks or registered trademarks of Virtual Bridges, Inc. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners."


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