October 24, 2005

MakeHuman Project Moves to SourceForge

Robert A. Warren writes "Soci, Italy -- October 24, 2005 -- The MakeHuman Project, the development team for MakeHuman, a free 3D humanoid character modeling program, announced the move, today, of their program's development to SourceForge.net, the world's largest open-source development website.

According to the project's abstract, “MakeHuman is an open-source, open graphics library,stand-alone, multi-platform, software program, which is completely written in C language. [Its][...] sole purpose is to model and pose a 3D humanoid, complete with hair, accessories and high quality UV maps. It will only make an acceptably photo realistic, poseable, humanoid character suitable for use in a variety of applications and for a variety of purposes -- marketing campaigns, advertisements, animations, graphic art, and 3D games, just to name a few.”

When asked what prompted the project to move their program development from http://www.makehuman.org/ to http://sourceforge.net/projects/makehuman/, Manuel Bastioni, program administrator, replied, “Our top priority was to find a host with a large file download and bandwidth capability, because we anticipate a huge demand for our product. SourceForge's large number of high capacity mirror sites met our needs perfectly.”

The project team chose SourceForge over several other hosting sites because of “their name recognition, the multitude of support services they offer open source projects, and the ease of project registration and file uploading,” Bastioni explained. “We expect to have our SourceForge.net project pages up and running within a few days,” added Bastioni. He also pointed out that articles and documentation (in .pdf format) will be maintained on their project's home site, as well.

After five years of R&D, the MakeHuman developers feel they are now in a position to quickly and easily consolidate their coding; and then, they will give their software to the world. The project expects to complete an alpha demonstration release within a few days. A beta test version is scheduled for November 20, 2005, and a stable release is planned for late February, 2006.


For additional information:

MakeHuman Project Abstract: http://www.dedalo-3d.com/lab/mh-abstract.pdf

MakeHuman: Abstract:
http://www.dedalo-3d.com/index.php?filename=SXCOL/ makehuman/abstract.html

MakeHuman: Screen Shots: http://www.dedalo-3d.com/index.php?filename=SXCOL/ makehuman/screenshots.php

MakeHair: Abstract: http://www.dedalo-3d.com/index.php?filename=SXCOL/ makehair/abstract.html

MakeHair: Quick-Start:
http://www.dedalo-3d.com/index.php?filename=SXCOL/ makehair/quickstart.html

Subsurface Scattering Effect: Model:
http://www.dedalo3d.com/public/dev/articles/05_10_ 01_EN_A_simplified_model_for_subsurface_scatter.pd f

Subsurface Scattering Effect: Quick-Start:
http://www.dedalo-3d.com/public/dev/articles/05_09 _26_EN_sss_quickstart.pdf

Muscle System Engine Intro:
http://www.dedalo-3d.com/public/dev/articles/05_10 _13_EN_MH_Muscle_Engine_System_Intro.pdf

In the United States, please follow-up with:

Robert A. Warren
News, Publicity and Documentation
Team Coordinator
(843) 225-2214

The MakeHuman Project is the development team for MakeHuman(cc), a free, open source, 3D modeling software program licensed under the GNU General Public License, v.2."

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