February 7, 2001

Making Apache case insensitive using Samba

Author: JT Smith

Linux.com has an advice column for systems administrators: "The problems started when I was migrating from NT to Linux. As you know, NT is
case insensitive, so anything matched. Thus a request to
http://domain.com/INDEX.HTML and http://domain.com/index.html were the same.
However upon moving to Linux, the request for INDEX.HTML produced a 404
error, not found.

I changed all my files and references to lower case, but that didn't solve
everything. There were still external Web sites that linked to me that were in the
wrong case. At first I came up with rules to convert all requests to lower case, but
now I have a better solution.

The trick is to use SAMBA and let the server mount itself as a Windows client."


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