Making Cloud-Native Computing Universal and Sustainable


The original seed project for CNCF was Kubernetes, as orchestration is a critical piece of moving toward a cloud-native infrastructure. As many people know, Kubernetes is one of the highest-velocity open source projects of all time and is sometimes affectionately referred to as “Linux of the Cloud.” Kubernetes has become the de facto orchestration system, with more than 50 certified Kubernetes solutions and supported by the top cloud providers in the world. Furthermore, CNCF is the first open source foundation to count the top 10 cloud providers in the world as members.

However, CNCF is intended to be more than just a home for Kubernetes, as the cloud-native and open infrastructure movement encompasses more than just orchestration.

A community of open infrastructure projects

CNCF has a community of independently governed projects; as of today, there are 18 covering all parts of cloud native. For example, Prometheus integrates beautifully with Kubernetes but also brings modern monitoring practices to environments outside of cloud-native land.