Making Kubernetes Easier with Cloud Foundry Platform


Cloud-native technologies and architectures are the means by which more traditional businesses — like insurance, financial services or even heavy machinery — can transition from simply consuming cloud resources into operating like the cloud providers themselves. This is shifting the way they run their businesses, making them more agile, distributed and ready to tackle via software, whatever their businesses demand. As with most new technologies, however, it’s important to look at Kubernetes with some perspective.

For large enterprises especially, Kubernetes and its growing ecosystem are just the latest developments in a continuum that spans decades. It might be the tool of choice for teams that want a great way to manage fleets of containers, but it still comprises only a fraction of enterprise workloads. And despite the massive migration to cloud platforms such as AWS and Google Cloud, enterprises will, for the foreseeable future, require a level of control and flexibility that managed cloud services and developer-centric technologies simply cannot provide.

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