Malaysia: Software Neutrality and Openness

Khairil yusof writes “Today (7 Dec 2006) a Round Table discussion was conducted by MOSSA (Malaysia Open Source Software Alliance) at the office of the New Straits Times newspaper in Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur. MOSSA consists of ICT solution developers and providers, associations, groups, users and individuals. The Round Table discussed a recent announcement by the Malaysian Government on software neutrality. On 21 November 2006, Y.B. Dato’ Sri Jamaludin Jarjis, Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation announced that the Malaysian Government is adopting a neutral technology platform policy that does not favour either open source software (OSS) or proprietary software, and that government procurement policies will now be based on merit and not on platform choice. The Minister was also quoted that this does not void MAMPU’s Open Source Software Master Plan. MOSSA has responded by stating their support for the announced policy and their views on how the policy should be practiced.”