Malware Threats: A Losing Battle?

Chuck Talk writes “The number of viruses that are infecting personal devices is growing, largely because some countries do nothing to prosecute those that are building and deploying worms, viruses, trojans and other exploit software. These havens are not only Eastern European and emerging former Soviet Republics, but South American countries, the Korean Peninsula and Southeast Asian countries as well. Countries that do not have strong laws (and in some cases, any laws at all) are hot spots of malicious code. Unlike the vitriolic FUD being aimed at the users and proponents of open source, the actual authors are themselves, programmers with experience in Microsoft Windows. They have an in-depth knowledge of the very nearly ubiquitous system and are exploiting the holes they have found for profit, vandalism, fame and/or political motivations. The reasons don’t really matter so much as the destructive end-results.”



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