December 13, 2003

Management Tools 'Priority One' for Open Source

If the open source movement is to continue its traction in the enterprise, it will have to develop a better managed business model.

That's the conclusion of IT professionals that attended Thursday's SDForum Open Source Summit here. Representatives from Oracle, IBM, Novell, IBM, Red Hat, Apache, BEA, Sun, and HP huddled to discuss the needs of customers who are poised to adopt open source (define) technologies such as Linux, Apache or FreeBSD."Any large customer is going to question why they can't get what they want . . . even companies that want that one throat to choke," said Novell director Linux business office Matt Asay during a breakout session. "Ford [Motor Company] asked me, 'If [we] wanted changes to the source code to fit [our] needs, what could Novell do?' I said we could submit it to the community and then go through the approval process, to which their eyes rolled over."


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