November 9, 2003

Mandrake AMD Athlon 64 - Building 'Nefarious' - II

Author: Linegod

J.P. Pasnak writes "This is the second part of a three part article on building 'Nefarious', a AMD Athlon 64 box running Mandrake Linux 9.2 AMD64. I stated in the first part that I would be using Beta 3 of the Mandrake 9.2 AMD build. As it always happens, mere seconds after I had finished documenting the install of Beta 3, RC1 was released. I re-installed with RC1, but since there where no major differences between Beta 3 and RC1, you will see Beta 3 screenshots sprinkled amount the RC1 shots.

Anywho, on to the installation."

I started by downloading all three ISOs of Mandrake 9.2 AMD64 RC1 and burn them with K3b. If you haven't used K3b yet, do so. Next, I checked the BIOS to make sure it booted from the CD. The K8V allows me to choose which CD/DVD is 'primary', so I switched the DVD player to primary and dropped the CD in.

I was greated quite quickly with the standard Mandrake install splash screen, with an addition of the AMD64 logo in the bottom corner. Since I need all the spare time I can get, I pressed 'Enter' to install. The kernel started loading...

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