April 5, 2002

Mandrake community newsletter - Mandrake future? Answers!

Did you become concerned after reading the "Future of MandrakeSoft"
message that was released on March 11th? Do you feel that MandrakeClub
is not an ideal solution for a commercial business? Do you support the
idea of the Club, but have been unable to pay? Would you prefer to
become a shareholder?
Jacques Le Marois, CEO of MandrakeSoft, answers these questions and more
at MandrakeLinux.com.

Learn about:

1. The results of the MandrakeClub membership drive
2. How Club membership has affected the company's finances
3. Are payment methods available other than credit card in US Dollars?
4. Is the Club a serious business model?
5. A "traditional" revenue model is not always the best answer
6. Is it possible to sell company shares directly to Mandrake users?
7. Final words



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