August 1, 2002

Mandrake Linux 9.0 beta now, 9.0 in September

Anonymous Reader writes: "Mandrake moving up to 9.0. MozillaQuest Magazine ( reports: The first beta of the upcoming Mandrake Linux 9.0 distribution now is available for public downloading and enjoyment. Look for the final release in September 2002. Gaël Duval, founder of Mandrake Linux, told MozillaQuest Magazine that ... Mandrake is moving in the direction of full compliance with the LSB. Mandrake will not participate in United Linux. And MandrakeSoft has dropped Netscape. Duval: 'I think it's important for all the biggest Linux distributors to provide LSB-compliant products. Then it makes life easier for software publishers and users -- and it finally gives more power to Linux to dominate the market and go mainstream.' Check this story for, details, links, and full story! "


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