September 30, 2002

Mandrake Linux 9.0 first impressions

GonzoJohn writes: "As a long time Red Hat user I have of course been awaiting 8.0, but since Mandrake 9.0 was released a little sooner, I decided to give it a try, while I was waiting on Red Hat 8.

I had high hopes, but my hopes were quickly dashed.

The first problem I had was that my USB keyboard would not work - at all - during the install. That was disappointing but I was able to hobble through the install using only the mouse. Finally I finished the install and rebooted. LILO tried to boot Linux, and hung. I didn't have a boot disk because the Mandrake installer told me that I would not be able to make one since I chose the XFS file system and the driver will not fit on a disk."

Link: Linux Orbit


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