December 10, 2001

Mandrake Linux and Mandrake Club explained

Author: JT Smith

Gaël Duval writes, "Following our recent announce about the launch of a Mandrake Linux Users' Club and as requested by our users, we've just released the following datasheet to explain where we go with Mandrake Linux and why we have launched a Users Club."

Mandrake Linux and Mandrake Club explained to all :

What privileges are offered by the Club?

The Club has many real and attractive advantages that are currently in
development. In this early stage of the Club, we offer:

the opportunity to download commercial software usually only
available with packaged versions.
a special location where members can stay informed of the latest
offerings, provide feedback, and vote on additional benefits
significant discounts on products and services.

Additional benefits will be developed based on the suggestions of Club

How many employees work for MandrakeSoft and what are their job

MandrakeSoft currently employs over 100 individuals:

13 employees work full-time on various Internet services such as,,, the weekly
newsletter, and building & maintaining good relationships with the
Linux community.

43 employees work in Research and Development. These are the people who
work specifically on developing the Mandrake Linux distribution; they:
select, test, improve and package the various free software components;
develop the DrakX installation program and Mandrake-specific
configuration tools; test the system on various hardware
configurations; manage translations and create documentation. They also
port the distribution to other architectures such as PPC and IA64.

The result of their work is then made available for free in easy to use
formats (ISO images, printable documentation, etc.) with Open Source
licenses -- this means than everyone is free to download, duplicate,
improve and even resell the product.

Several other employees work on external projects such as the Linux
Kernel, KDE, KOffice, and others. These paid employees do not provide a
direct benefit to the Mandrake Linux distribution, but sponsoring them
is part of our ongoing commitment to the Free Software community.

The remainder of the employees focus on business-related areas or with
the administration of the company. This includes work on commercial
packages, marketing, and providing services such as training, support
and consulting.

How does MandrakeSoft receive revenue?

Most of the company's revenue (85%) results from the direct sale of
boxed products such as the Mandrake Linux PowerPack. The PowerPack is a
retail version of the distribution that includes documentation,
support and third party software. The remaining revenue comes from
services (support, training, consulting). A potential source of revenue
are our "e-services" (MandrakeExpert, MandrakeOnline), but as yet they
do not provide significant revenue for the company.

What is MandrakeSoft's business model?

This question boils down to: "Why does MandrakeSoft release, for free,
a product that was costly to produce yet which allows others to copy,
modify and resell it?" It does seem a rather curious way to run a
business, but there are important reasons for doing so.

From an ethical point of view, much of MandrakeSoft's success is
directly attributable to the Free Software community. The Mandrake
Linux distribution is composed of thousands of Free Software
applications, so it is normal for us to contribute back to the
community of developers & users by providing the source code and even
the entire distribution. The advantage of this is based on MandrakeSoft
becoming an important part of the community -- when community members
benefit, they enthusiastically promote the distribution thereby
allowing Free Software to flourish even more.

From a business point of view, the Free Software approach has important
advantages for the long term. With an attractive product, easy
availability and positive word of mouth, it is possible to quickly
acquire a large base of users. This approach has allowed Mandrake Linux
to quickly become well-known and one of the most popular Linux
distributions used throughout the world. The Free Software model
requires a much smaller initial investment and much less time to produce
results than with more traditional approaches.

Several recent surveys have shown that this is a smart technique: (Ireland) - July 2001
Which distribution do you prefer? pollId=1
1. Mandrake: 35%
2. Debian: 23%
3. Redhat: 18%
4. Suse: 18%
5. Caldera: 1%
6. Corel: 1%
7. Others: 1% (US) - 8 October 2001,3044,p%253D103 5%2526bn%253D1,00.asp

What's your favorite Linux distro?
1. Mandrake: 43.78%
2. Redhat: 27.9%
3. Suse: 15.41%
4. Libranet: 1.42%
5. Other: 11.49% (US) - 24 September 2001
Best distribution for beginners
1. Mandrake - 36.7%
2. Redhat - 33.5%
3. Suse -13.5%
4. Slackware - 5.6%
5. Debian - 4.6%
6. Caldera - 3.7%

A powerful community (including both the end-user and company) offers
both non-financial and financial advantages.

The non-financial advantage are...

A user base populated with experts who freely contribute to improving
the distribution. Also, happy users readily promote Mandrake Linux to
friends, family and employers. These advantages significantly lower the
cost of development & promotion needed for a product.

And the financial advantages...

A good portion of the user base isn't satisfied with just a Linux
distribution that is available for free... they want more.
Historically, Linux companies were created so that they could provide
official commercial products with support, documentation and third
party software. Other services were then offered -- mostly for
corporations -- such as extended support, training and consulting.
MandrakeSoft's revenue model is based on fulfilling the needs of its
users (end user or corporate) by providing the appropriate solutions
directly or with the assistance of a partner. This is why MandrakeSoft
has recently launched MandrakeExpert, MandrakeOnline and MandrakeStore,
and is currently working on developing other potential revenue streams.

The bottom line: We believe it is much easier (and satisfying) to turn
a happy user into a customer, than it is to directly acquire a new

Is MandrakeSoft profitable?

As with most young corporations, MandrakeSoft has invested a great deal
of money and resources to develop its products and services. The early
stages of a company are always costly; this initial cost is later offset
by a growth in revenue. MandrakeSoft has not yet reached the
"break-even" point; however, we have taken necessary steps to reach
this point in early 2002 by increasing revenue and reducing costs.

Why a Mandrake Linux User Club?

The Club provides an attractive answer to a simple issue: MandrakeSoft
needs to have its costs covered by revenue. With the current economic
slowdown and recent world events, companies are finding it much more
difficult to sell software, provide money-generating services, and to
find funding. This means that MandrakeSoft's revenue growth will take
more time than was previously planned.

MandrakeSoft already has several million users. Of these users, only a
small percentage have purchased products or services from MandrakeSoft.
However, most of these users are very happy with the distribution and
our online family of websites. Are these users ready to contribute
financially in order to preserve these great benefits?

For the short term, the Mandrake Linux Users Club is the most efficient
and convenient way to directly support the Free Software activities of
MandrakeSoft; this will avert the company's need to cut costs in areas
that are not directly related to business ventures which would thereby
lower the level of service to the large base of "Free" users of Mandrake

I already purchased a Mandrake pack, so why am I not a member of the

Funds generated by the sale of commercial products, such as the
PowerPack, are distributed through many channels: the retailer, the
wholesaler, the shipper, the printer, the CD manufacturer, the package
assembler, the support-line, retail salespeople, and others. So in the
end, a very small portion remains to fund research & development of the

Take an active role in the Mandrake Linux adventure as we build a
worldwide technology solution that is attractive, open and free for all.
Join the Mandrake Linux Users Club today!


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