May 6, 2002

Mandrake Linux community newsletter #41

This Week's Summary: New and Improved MandrakeStore; MandrakeClub
Activities; Business Case of the Week; New PPC pages; Financial Corner;
Spotlight on the Mandrake Corporate Club; Software Updates; Headlines
from MandrakeForum.

Grand re-opening of MandrakeStore.
Everyone is invited to stop by and visit the new and improved 
"MandrakeStoreV2" which has just been put into production. We've been 
working hard to make the new MandrakeStore more attractive, better 
organized, easier to navigate, and the shopping cart system has been 
improved. Stop by and see for yourself -- even better, order some 
Mandrake products and goodies!

The winners of the Mandrake CD holders have been posted.
Thanks to many comments and suggestions, the new MandrakeStore website 
looks better than ever. The names of the people who won the CD holders 
by helping critique the website is now online. See if your name was 


97 applications for Mandrake 8.2 are available for download from The most popular applications are:
 1: Codeweavers Wine - (1587 downloads)
 2: Macromedia Flash Player - (1458 downloads)
 3: Real Player - (1440 downloads)
 4: Crossover Plugin - (1195 downloads)
 5: Acroread - (1008 downloads)

Not yet a Mandrake Club member? To learn more, please visit:

Business Case of the Week
100% Linux-solution at is a Linux-only web design, programming and hosting company. 
They specialize in customers who need database integration or server 
side processing with their web site as opposed to simple static pages. has standardized on Mandrake Linux across their entire 
server range as well as the office environment.

Brad Kieser adds: "All our development is based on Mandrake Linux. This 
forms the most important part of our company's income and is directly 
customer facing. As a bedrock of our company, Mandrake Linux must be 
doing something right as we have not lost a single customer to date and 
the past 3 customer satisfaction surveys have revealed a 100% 
satisfaction rate!"

Every "bizcase" counts; please share your story by submitting it to

Website Updates
Mandrake Linux 8.2 PPC was announced on April 23rd. To learn more about 
this latest release, the Mandrake website has several new pages:

Consult a list of Frequently Asked Questions (with answers):

View the complete installation process:

Enjoy some desktop screenshots of 8.2 PPC:

Orders for Mandrake 8.2 PPC are now shipping from MandrakeStore:

Financial Corner
MandrakeSoft Reports Strong Increase in Revenues for Second Quarter.
After a mostly stable first quarter compared to last year, MandrakeSoft 
has seen a significant rise in sales in the second quarter of the 
2001-2002 fiscal year with an increase in revenue of 155% to 0.97 
million euros.

Read the full report:

Spotlight on the Mandrake Corporate Club
Similar in spirit to the Mandrake Users Club, MandrakeSoft also offers 
the Mandrake Linux Corporate Club for companies and businesses that use 
Mandrake products. As seen at, many companies use 
Mandrake Linux every day in a business environment to save money and 
gain a competitive edge that can't be matched by alternative products. 
All businesses that use Mandrake Linux are invited to join the Mandrake 
Corporate Club.

The Club's membership fee reflects only a fraction of the money that is 
saved by using Linux, but dues are an important source of revenue which 
allow MandrakeSoft developers to continually improve the distribution. 
At the higher Corporate membership levels, MandrakeSoft developers will 
even work to improve a requested key feature such as Linux on the 
Desktop, Clustering technology, the Advanced Extranet Server, or 
others. Corporate Club members also benefit from a wide range of 
exclusive privileges. Recently we've added several new attractive 
benefits to make it easier than ever to convince companies to subscribe.

To learn more about the Mandrake Linux Corporate Club, please see:

Software Updates
Security-related software updates have been released for:

imlib -- fixes image viewing vulnerabilities
sudo -- fixes heap corruption vulnerability
various --  additional 8.2 errata packages now available

View the complete list at:

Headlines from MandrakeForum
Installing 8.2 on a 16MB RAM laptop.
Readers post some interesting tips and suggestions for using Mandrake 
on older, under-powered PCs.

MandrakeClub Newsletter (6).
Learn about the latest Club activities.

Linux for an ISP?
Hantik2x asks "I am planning to use Linux as our server for our ISP. Is 
this possible considering the security and stability needed?"

Mandrake-Linux in small computer retail shops?
A reader posts several suggestions on how to get computer retailers 
interested in Mandrake Linux. In response to an idea about creating a 
FAQ for small OEM partners, Deno asks: "OK, let's try to make a draft 
for this FAQ - folks, what kind of questions should be answered there?"

Read these and other stories at MandrakeForum



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