August 2, 2002

Mandrake Linux Community Newsletter #53

This Week's Summary: PPC Roundup; The Latest MandrakeClub Activities;
Mandrake in the News; LWN in Trouble; Website News; Software Updates;
Headlines from MandrakeForum.
PPC Roundup
PPC Developer Stew Benedict reports that even though there will not be 
an official PPC release of Mandrake Linux 9.0, he has been, and will 
continue, building 9.0 PPC Cooker to keep up with the x86 version. So 
if you're the adventurous type, 9.0 PPC Cooker awaits! Or if you 
prefer to play it safe, it's better to stick with 8.2 and install the 
updates that several contributors are providing in the "unsupported" 

Stew also adds:
 * Olivier Thauvin has been enthusiastically building 'Contribs'
   packages for PPC
 * Ben Reser is hosting some add-on packages that he's put together
 * And Vincent Danen is building Cooker stuff against 8.2, which is
   being mirrored in 8.2/unsupported.
So with all this activity, PPC folks shouldn't feel too neglected.

In related news, Mozilla 1.1 Beta for PPC/Linux has been packaged by 
Matt Christian and is now available:

And finally, 1.0.1 has been released for PPC Linux.
See the following link for all the details plus download locations.

RPM-voting system: Test the applications!
Deno writes: "The moment we started the 'RPM-voting' system, I was 
afraid that we may run out of volunteers or get buried under hundreds 
of requests. Neither of these have happened: Ten days after the 
introduction, there are still less than 100 requests in the system, and 
our volunteers have quickly picked up and packaged quite a few of the 
requests in the queue."

The most popular RPM requests (and their status) as of 29 July 2002:
KDE 3.0.2 > done
Wine > testing
Mozilla 1.0 > done
Xine + dvdnav > done
GNOME 2.0 > in progress
Mplayer > done
MySQL v4.0.2 > requested
Opera > requested
NVidia kernel > testing
Transcode > requested

Not yet a Mandrake Club member? To learn more, please visit:

Mandrake in the News
---------------------------------------- -- Open Choice Awards 2002.
The "Open for Business" website announced the results of their "Open 
Choice Awards 2002":
- Mandrake 8.2 wins for "best distribution"
- MandrakeClub is a runner-up in the "best services" category

Mandrake holds top ranking in Desktop Linux poll. announced the results of their Desktop Linux 
distribution 'quick poll'. The survey asks readers to provide 
information about which distribution(s) they use (or plan to use) for 
desktop purposes -- and Mandrake comes out on top again! Thanks 
everyone! -- First Look: Mandrake Linux 9.0 beta 1.
TuxReports provides an early look at the new 9.0 Beta:
"While it is impossible (or unreasonable) to do a review in such a 
short time of usage, it is important to state that if you want to 
experience gnome 2, kde 3.0.2, KWord 1.2 beta, gaim 0.59, and many 
other of the latest software applications then download the ISO image 
and burn your CD.

LWN in Trouble
Many news outlets are reporting that the famous Linux Weekly News 
website is about to close. The team has done an incredible job 
over the past several years -- by providing high-quality Linux news and 
editorial each week, they helped provide greater credibility to Linux 
and the entire Linux community, particularly in the business and 
corporate environments.

It's still possible to help them out by donating money:
If you support Linux, please help. We (the Linux community) need them, 
and they truly deserve our support. Spread the word if you can.

Website News
---------------------------------------- is an independent website that offers software 
for Mandrake Linux. PCLinuxOnline recently ported the 'Conectiva 
Synaptic Software Manager' to Mandrake 8.2. Additionally, they maintain 
an 'apt-get repository' of Mandrake 8.2 software, security updates, 
some RPMs from Mandrake 'unsupported', and Texstar's famous RPMs.

Also, see their weekly 'RPM roundup' of Mandrake 8.2 packages.

Software Updates
Software updates have been released for:

mm -- fixes temporary file vulnerability

View the complete list at:

Headlines from MandrakeForum
'Just Say No! to Microsoft Windows' and other WIndependence Day Musings.
"Kids - don't listen to your parents and teachers - if they pressure 
you to use Windows, just say NO! . . . " reads one essay from's WIndependence Day contest this week.

Mandrake release cycle, free lunch, and everything else.
One member of the board (pantropik) perfectly explains 
why Mandrake shouldn't be blamed for all the problems in this post.

You thought DMCA was bad? Take this!
US congress is about to consider a law proposal which would make DMCA 
look like a joke in comparison: This time, our friends from MPAA, RIAA, 
and Co. are asking for the legal right to hack anyone's computer at 

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