November 8, 2001

Mandrake Linux Community Newsletter - Issue #18

Author: JT Smith

"Welcome to the Mandrake Linux Community Newsletter -- dedicated to
keeping you up-to-date with the latest MandrakeSoft-related news & info."
This Week's Summary: 
* Mandrake Linux as a drop-in replacement for NT Primary Domain
* List of all packages from Mandrake Linux ProSuite
* What's cooking at MandrakeSoft?
* Business case of the week
* This Week's Online Poll
* Security-related Software Updates
* Headlines from MandrakeForum.

Mandrake Linux as a drop-in replacement for NT Primary Domain Controller
Due to recent improvements of Samba server, Mandrake Linux can finally
replace that last Windows server on your network: a computer acting as
"Primary Domain Controller". In addition to this, newest Samba packages
add the possibility to Point-and-Print from Windows clients to printers
hosted on Mandrake+Samba server, "winbind" lets you use windows domain
authentication for all PAM-enabled services, new XFS journaling
file-system lets you use windows ACLs on Mandrake Linux file server,
According to one MandrakeForum reader, replacing a PCD by Mandrake Linux
machine is not only possible, but even simpler than using Windows 2000
server. Go figure??

List of all packages from Mandrake Linux 8.1 ProSuite
Following popular request, our web slaves have made a list of all the
packages from Mandrake Linux 8.1 ProSuite available on the web. Did you
know that Mandrake Linux 8.1 Pro Suite comes with seven e-books in PDF
format, Opera web browser, Star Office, Sun Java SDK, Borlands JBuilder
and Kylix IDEs, Vshop virtual store, ...?
No? Follow this link to see which other treasures are hidden inside the
Mandrake Linux ProSuite package:

What's cooking at MandrakeSoft?

Would you like to have a better rescue system, for instance, one which
lets you choose some actions from a menu, rather than relying on you
knowing what should be done in case of disaster? If answer is yes, it
may be
your lucky day: our rescue system just got a simple menu, which lets you 
re-install boot loader, or mount your partitions under /mnt for now. 
Please join the discussion about features needed in a rescue mode at

Business Case of the Week
Frustrated owner of an Internet cafe in Karnatka/India decided to ease
his life and switch from Windows-run shop to stable, virus-free
environment. Four months later, he is happy owner of a completely
Mandrake Linux
powered Internet cafe.

"Most people still don't have a clue to real capabilities of a Mandrake
Linux distribution. Submitting a story explaining your own experiences
with Mandrake Linux in a business environment to MandrakeBizCases is a
great way
to help others get a better idea of advantages Mandrake Linux has to
and choose our distribution rather than Windows.
Every "bizcase" counts: please share your own story with others, by
submitting it to

This Week's Online Poll
My web server is powered by:
1) Mandrake Linux + default apache rpms
2) Mandrake Linux + customized apache server
3) Mandrake Linux, but not apache
4) Another Linux distribution
5) BSD
6) Solaris
7) Unix (anything but BSD and Solaris)
8) Windows
9) I do not have a web server
10) none of the above

Cast your vote in the Voting Booth and check the results:

Software Updates

Following security updates for Mandrake Linux 8.x distributions have
been reported last week:
         htdig, util-linux, kernel
Please keep in mind that updating of kernels should always be done in
two steps: first install the new kernel next to the old one, test it,
and finally remove the old kernel. Updating the kernel using urpmi, 
Mandrake Update, or rpm -U command is discouraged.

A complete list of all official security and bug-fix updates for
all Mandrake Linux distributions is available in the "security" section

Top Stories of the Week from MandrakeForum
Fix for ugly true type fonts in Mandrake 8.1
One Dutch user has compiled a freetype2 library with bytcode interpreter
compiled in, and made it available for download for other users. Thus
compiled freetype2 library assures better rendering of Truetype fonts
under X, but can't be shipped with Mandrake Linux distribution due to 
patent issues.
Memory, Penguins And Confirmations
Tom explains the difference between "free memory" as reported by "top"
and similar programs, and amount of RAM which is really available for
programs, as reported by "free". Read this article if you are worried
about memory usage of your Linux box.
Wow, I've realized the true speed of linux!
This funny story will not tell you anything about "true speed of linux",
but it nicely illustrates one reason for keeping user interface
separated from "back-end" of the program.
VMWare 2.0.4 in Mandrake 8.1?
Officially, VMWare 2.0.4 does not work with 2.4 kernels. VMWare users
have three choices: stay with 2.2 kernel, use beta version of VMWare 3,
or apply unofficial patch to VMWare 2.0.4, to get it working with 2.4
"at their own risk". See what other Mandrake Linux users have to say
about these three



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