January 3, 2002

Mandrake Linux Community Newsletter - Issue #24

Author: JT Smith

"This Week's Summary: MandrakeClub on the move; New Mandrake Shareholder

Newsletter; Mandrake in the News; Cooker ISO images released; Business

Case of the Week; Spotlight on Mandrake Online; This Week's Online

Poll; Software Updates; Headlines from MandrakeForum."Happy New Year! Please be safe during the holiday. We look

forward to another great year with you in 2002.

Top Story


MandrakeClub was officially launched before Christmas and the

website already has several active discussions in progress. Denis

Havlik (the MandrakeClub moderator) reports that everything seems to be

working well, and the "Download" section already contains most of the

apps from 8.1 commercial CDs; a complete list of RPMs is available at:


Financial Corner


MandrakeSoft now offers a financial newsletter that should be of

particular interest to shareholders and investors. The first issue of

the "MandrakeSoft Shareholder Newsletter" has been released and

contains up-to-date information about important company news such as:

* The Linux Market

* MandrakeSoft and the stock exchange

* MandrakeSoft's positioning

* Latest news

* Financial results

The read the latest issue of the MandrakeSoft Shareholder Newsletter,

please see:

Mandrake in the News


Tech-Junkie -- RedHat 7.2 Vs Mandrake 8.1 On The Desktop.

A 6-page article on the TechJunkie.com website offers a thorough

comparison of the two leading Linux distributions and concludes:

"Well there you have it, Mandrake has a definite edge when it comes to

desktop usability as RedHat sticks to its roots as a popular

corporate-oriented product."

The article covers:

Graphical installation; Desktop usability; RedHat 7.2 vs Mandrake 8.1

vs Windows XP in Quake 3 and Return to Castle Wolfenstein; Interview

with RedHat's Product Manager and Frederic Bastok, MandrakeSoft



The Register -- Mandrake 8.1 easier than Win-XP.

The popular British online magazine "The Register" writes about their

"outstanding Linux eXPerience" with Mandrake 8.1:

"Windows addicts curious to see how the other half lives but wary of

the installation challenges Linux is supposed to present will find

Mandrake 8.1 considerably easier to install and configure than Win-XP.

It's quite nearly Harry Homeowner-proof...

If you'd like to eXPerience that sensation, Mandrake 8.1 is, hands

down, the easiest way to get started.®"

What's Cooking at MandrakeSoft?


To give everyone an easy opportunity to try the latest from the

Mandrake Cooker, ISO images were released last week. But be careful!

This is a development version for testing only and is provided "as is".

However, the installation works OK so most users should be able to

install and test the last packages and features.


The two-ISO set can be found on most mirrors that contain

development versions of MandrakeLinux:

Business Case of the Week


FutureGrafix uses Mandrake Linux as a development platform, and also to

create images and animations:

"I have found that Mandrake's superior networking and hardware

recognition capabilities (to name a few of the wonderful things about

it) make Linux a prime choice for companies starting out as the

installation is easy and the interface has grown considerably" says

Daniel Parker, a senior computer graphics designer.


Every "bizcase" counts; please share your story by submitting it to


Spotlight on Mandrake Online


Mandrake Online is an online service first introduced in Mandrake Linux

8.1 that records the system's configuration settings (hardware devices

and installed software packages) so that you can automatically be kept

informed of security updates and important upgrades.

To try Mandrake Online for free, you'll need to first create a new

account if it wasn't already done after the 8.1 installation

The Mandrake Online setup wizard can be started from the KDE menu:

Configuration > Other > Mandrake Online. Check the appropriate box to

create a new account and follow the instructions -- you'll need to

provide a valid email address where security update notifications will

be sent. After the registration is finished, complete the final steps

to activate the new account. From then on, you will receive security

alerts and upgrade notifications via email.

For more info, please see:

This Week's Online Poll


What do you think about the new MandrakeClub?

* Like the idea, already joined

* Like the idea, have not joined (yet)

* Not sure, give me more info.

* Sorry, not interested.

Cast your vote in the Voting Booth and check the results:

Software Updates


Security-related software updates have been released for:

samba -- provides WinXP support

libgtop -- fixes buffer overflow and format string vulnerabilities

glibc --fix buffer overflow vulnerability

krb5 -- fix buffer overflow in telnet

flex -- fixes improper declaration of isatty()

View the entire list at:

Top Stories from MandrakeForum


KDE 3.0 BETA 1 For 8.0, 8.1.

For advanced users only -- If you still don't know what to do during

the slow days this holiday season, kde.org has RPMs for 8.1 (mirrors)

of their first BETA version of KDE 3.0 (read my lips: B-E-T-A, and, as

usual, unsupported).


Smoke Signals: Using External FireWire Storage Devices.

Tom posts a very informative two-part article that explains how to use

Firewire devices in Mandrake Linux 8.1:

"Looking for an external storage always has been a bit of a twisted

situation: you'd either go for the simple (parallel, USB) or for the

fast (SCSI). FireWire (aka IEEE1394) tries to deliver both and does

quite a good job at it."


Linux-tips digest (1)

Deno delivers a batch of helpful tips from Linux-tips.net. "I've cut

down each of the "tips" to just a few lines, but you can follow the

links to original articles to get the whole story. Have fun!"


Read these and other stories at:

Penguins in Peril


"Massive icebergs and an unprecedented amount of sea ice have nearly

isolated one of Antarctica's largest populations of Adelie penguins,

jeopardizing attempts by the birds to breed, scientists report. Each

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