June 3, 2002

Mandrake Linux Community Newsletter - Issue #44

This Week's Summary: Special Offers at MandrakeStore; Upcoming LinuxTag
2002; Business Case of the Week; PPC News; MandrakeClub Activities;
Training Promotion for Linux-Campus; Mandrake in the News;
MandrakeSoft.com Redesign; Security-related Software Updates; Headlines
from MandrakeForum.Special Offers at MandrakeStore
Thanks to a special agreement with Netraverse, MandrakeClub members
can purchase Win4Lin 4.0 for as low as $71.99. This special offer is
for a limited time only -- until June 27th 2002.

For more information, please see:
- Ordering information, and Win4Lin offer details

- Windows emulators comparison on MandrakeForum

- Win4Lin 4.0 details


8.2 3-CD Set Now Available.
The Mandrake Linux 8.2 Download Edition (3-CD Set) is now available for
only $25 US/29 Euros at MandrakeStore. These "Cheap CDs" contain the
complete distribution on the first two disks, plus a bonus CD of
"contributed" Free Software applications. Place your order today at

Upcoming Event
MandrakeSoft will be present at upcoming LinuxTag.
LinuxTag is the largest exhibition of Free Software and GNU/Linux in
Europe. LinuxTag 2002 has a new date and place: The largest Linux and
OpenSource fair and conference in Europe will take place from June 6-9
2002 in Karlsruhe Germany.

For more information about LinuxTag 2002, please see:

Business Case of the Week
Tourism/Hospitality: Isole Borromeo uses Linux for all activities.
Borromeo Turismo is an Italian tourist company that manages a castle
and two islands with museums and botanical gardens. They have three
workstations plus a server which runs apache, postfix, mysql and other
services required by a business to be productive and well integrated.

Alessandro Pasotti adds: "I'm a linux user since 94, I have tested
almost all distributions and I've found MDK one of the best."

For many more examples of Mandrake in the workplace, please see:

PPC News
8.2 PPC Errata:
Error scenario: The 8.2 PPC Software Manager doesn't successfully
retrieve software updates.
Solution: Manually download and install 'grpmi-8.2-3.1mdk.ppc.rpm' from
any of the FTP locations (such as
The next time the Software Manager is run, the ability to download and
install updates is restored.


PPC Application of the Week.
Long-time Cooker participant Ben Reser has built 8.2 PPC packages for
'pbbuttonsd' and associated programs (gtkpbbuttons and
powerprefs). These very handy utilities enable the function keys on
PowerBook laptops to control screen brightness and volume levels;
control trackpad settings; eject a CD; and handle basic power
management. Get them from:

RPM packages with Lexmark drivers for MandrakeLinux 8.2 are now
available at MandrakeClub. For more details, please see:


MandrakeClub Newsletter (#7)
Learn about the latest Club activities, including:

* MandrakeExpert support at discount price
* Inkjet Color and Photo printers under Mandrake Linux 8.2
* Better handling of user accounts

Not yet a Mandrake Club member? To learn more, please visit:

Training Promotion
Get 10% off the cost of your next Linux-Campus training.
When you purchase a copy of Mandrake Linux 8.2, you will find an
exclusive flyer offering a 10% discount towards any Linux-Campus
training. This promotion is valid until September 29th 2002 in
participating training centers only.

To find a training center near you, or for more details on the
Linux-Campus training program, please consult our website:

The Linux-Campus training program is compatible with the reputable Linux
Professional Institute (LPI) certification program:

Mandrake in the News
PCPlus.co.uk hosts an interesting review of the Mandrake Linux 8.1
Gaming Edition. The first gaming Linux distribution is rated as follows:

* Specifications: 8
* Quality 9
* Performance: 8
* Value for money: 8
* Overall: 8

"Despite the enormous strides Linux has made into the traditionally
Windows-dominated home PC marketplace over the past two years, one
niche remains the sole property of Microsoft's OS: gaming. [...]
Mandrake Linux 8.1 Gaming Edition is an attempt to shrink the huge gulf
between Linux and Windows, by providing the opportunity to play the
Windows code of many top games directly from within Linux itself.",
explains the reviewer.

The Mandrake Gaming Edition was released on October, 22, 2001 and is
available for $69 at Mandrakestore.

MandrakeSoft.com Redesign
If you've recently visited the MandrakeSoft website, you probably
noticed that we've redesigned it. Our goals with this redesign were:

* Quicker page loading (less graphics).
* A simpler unified user interface and navigation system.
* Implementation of a design that ensures full cross-browser
compatibility, regardless of platform or browser type.
* Elimination of website errors.

MandrakeSoft.com is MandrakeSoft's corporate website. Here you can
learn about our complete range of Products, Consulting services,
Professional Support & Training, Labs, Company Info (including a
Corporate profile and Investors information). Stop by and visit today:

Software Updates
Security-related software updates have been released for:

fetchmail -- fixes array bounds checking
perl-Digest-MD5 -- fixes improper MD5 digest generation
imap -- fixes buffer overflow vulnerability
webmin -- fixes remote login vulnerability
grpmi -- fixes segfault in MandrakeUpdate

View the complete list at:

Headlines from MandrakeForum
Accessing Shared Directories On MS Windows From Linux.
"If one would compile a Top Ten list of questions asked by users new to
(Mandrake) Linux, the question 'How do I access locally shared
directories on MS Windows machines from my Linux system?' would appear
on it, no doubt." So, Tom takes a standard Mandrake Linux 8.2 system
and a system which runs MS Windows, and describes how to get this

Running Windows programs under Linux?
Deno describes several options available to Linux users that enable
MS-Windows applications to run in Linux, including:

* Wine
* VMware
* Win4Lin

Does Mandrake need a new design?
'Pim_Snel' kicks off an interesting discussion by asking if the
Mandrake Linux distribution would benefit from a new look. Many readers
offer their opinions and suggestions:

Mandrake Tools In Text Mode?
Tom describes the commands for running the various Mandrake
configuration utilities without a graphical environment.

Read these and other stories at MandrakeForum


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