December 21, 2001

Mandrake Linux Community Newsletter - Mandrake Clubhouse open

Author: JT Smith

MandrakeSoft is proud to announce the grand opening of the Mandrake
Linux Users Club "clubhouse" -- a custom website where club members can
learn about club-related activities, take part in discussions, and enjoy
certain privileges.
We are happy to offer our members the ability to download applications 
which are normally only available as part of the Mandrake Linux Power 
Pack. New applications are being added every day, and by the end of the 
year most commercial applications from the 8.1 PowerPack should be 
available for download, followed by applications from the 8.0 and 7.2 

MandrakeSoft would like to thank the hundreds of Mandrake users who have 
joined the Users Club over the past two weeks -- your support is crucial 
to help MandrakeSoft keep its high-level of involvement in activities 
which do not provide any direct revenue, such as putting together the 
Mandrake Linux distribution & manuals while keeping them free of charge 
and easy to download; supporting Open Source projects; and providing 
high-quality news, documentation and support sites.

Visit the Mandrake Clubhouse at:
While the site is accessible to everyone, only registered members are
allowed to join the discussions, vote, download RPMs, etc.

Support your favorite distribution by joining the Mandrake Users Club

Many people have requested additional information about MandrakeSoft
and the Mandrake Linux Users Club. This datasheet was created to
provide answers to the most frequent questions.


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