October 22, 2002

Mandrake Linux should be renamed Mandrake GNU/Linux

"Recognising the people were originally responsible for creating the thousands of utilities which were combined to become an operating system. Yes the kernel (linux) is the heart of the operating system, but the rest was orginally created by GNU and the hundreds of people who contributed to it. The request is simple, the operating system should be called GNU/Linux so both sides are recognised, calling it Linux effectively ignores the GNU's contribution (which is everything but the kernel) and simply calling it GNU effectively ignores the major role of the kernel, linux. That's why it should be called GNU/Linux. For further information please refer to the article listed above...

I suggest that the name be changed as soon as possible... Although you may like to take a poll over a number of weeks to find out what the majority of users think."

Link: MandrakeForum.org


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