December 2, 2003

Mandrake meets Knoppix with MandrakeMove (Beta)

Frank Neugebauer writes "MandrakeMove Download Edition (Beta) is available. (Note:
The Beta version does not support USB key features).

As a result of listening to customer needs, MandrakeSoft has created MandrakeMove
-- a new product based on Mandrake Linux 9.2 that provides a complete personal
desktop operating system on a bootable CD. Personal data and
configuration settings may be stored on a dedicated USB Key.

MandrakeMove lets you bring your Mandrake Linux system wherever you go, all
on a single disc, so that you can connect to the Internet, create & edit
Office documents, listen to music, watch movies, and just about anything you
can imagine from wherever you happen to be!

With MandrakeMove, there's no need to install a Linux system to have a full-featured
desktop: just place MandrakeMove live CD into a CD-ROM drive, boot from the
disc, then watch an entire Mandrake system run "on the fly" from the
CD-ROM. As a unique added feature, the MandrakeMove CD-ROM may be ejected to
access content from another CD.

Additionally, MandrakeMove provides the ability to store configuration files
and personal data on a USB key; this data can be encrypted for the highest level
of security and privacy!

MandrakeMove features an impressive selection of first-class applications.
In addition to multimedia and graphics software, MandrakeMove also includes
a complete office suite for creating, editing and sharing Microsoft® Office
compatible files (xls, doc, ppt). You'll enjoy hours of fun with highly addictive
games (such as the famous 'Frozen Bubble'), 3D programs, educational applications
for children, and much more.

MandrakeMove currently supports five languages: English, French, German, Italian,
and Spanish."



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