August 20, 2002

Mandrake Newsletter: Increase of Capital (4)

On August 14th 2002, MandrakeSoft's Board of Directors voted to extend the
Increase of Capital (BSA/warrants operation) which was first introduced on
May 28th, 2002.
Why the new extension?

MandrakeSoft has received commitments for most of the available warrants;
however, only part of the payments have been received. Subscriptions are only
finalized when the funds are received by MandrakeSoft. The new expiration
date for the warrant is October 31st, 2002 (barring any unforeseen
circumstances). We will close the Increase of Capital as soon as all the
available warrants are subscribed.

Anyone who is interested in investing in MandrakeSoft is welcome to join:

The earlier we can close the increase of capital, the sooner we can focus our
energy in the development of Mandrake Linux.

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