September 27, 2001

Mandrake revamps Linux distro

Author: JT Smith

From The Register: "Things we liked about version 8.0 of Mandrake were its choice of
ReiserFS as the default file system - yum - and the Software
Manager, which makes the business of installing new software look
pretty straightforward. (If you're being cynical, you could say it takes
dependency hell out of a console, and puts in a nice GUI dialog, but
we still reckon it's a plus).

Things we didn't like included its refusal to compile power
management stuff for our notebook, the absence of telnet in the
default installation, and the weird glitch in the installer that puts the
bootloader in the wrong place. (We're referring to the x86 version
here - LinuxPPC version doesn't get along with the Nvidia card on
our newish G4 just yet)."


  • Linux
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