February 22, 2002

Mandrake: Security update to Squid

Author: JT Smith

Posted at LWN.net: "Three security issues were found in the 2.x versions of the Squid proxy
server up to and including 2.4.STABLE3. The first is a memory leak in
the optional SNMP interface to Squid which could allow a malicious user
who can send packets to the Squid SNMP port to possibly perform a
Denial of Service attack on ther server if the SNMP interface is
enabled. The next is a buffer overflow in the implementation of ftp://
URLs where allowed users could possibly perform a DoS on the server,
and may be able to trigger remote execution of code (which the authors
have not yet confirmed). The final issue is with the HTCP interface
which cannot be properly disabled from squid.conf; HTCP is enabled by
default on Mandrake Linux systems."


  • Linux
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