June 8, 2004

Mandrakelinux in Hindi

Dhananjaya Sharma writes "I have created a web site titled Linux in Hindi, Hindi in Linux to share my personal experiences of Use of Linux in Hindi, Hindi in
with the Linux and Hindi World. I have obtained these experiences on Mandrakelinux. I not only hope but believe that as you will be
benefited with my experiences  at the same time with the help of your comments and suggestions I will be able to do more enhancement and advancement in my work.


Dhananjaya Sharma,
Jamnagar, India.
Hindi Translator of Mandrakelinux.com, Co-ordinator, Mandrakelinux Hindi Localisation Project, VIP Member, Mandrakeclub, Registered Linux User 217885, Hindi Translator, Opera (Linux) & Opera (Window),
Hindi Translator of poEdit,
Hindi Translator of Wxwindow


Link: in.geocities.com/dysxhi


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