March 3, 2001

Mandrake's Duval on GNOME expectations

Author: JT Smith has an interview with Gaël Duval, creator
of Linux Mandrake and vice president at Mandrakesoft. Duval says, "Linux-Mandrake has shipped GNOME since the first release if I remember well, and it's
improved incredibly in the last year. There are many GNOME killer-applications and the latest
versions of GNOME are very well finished and stable. So there is no reason anymore for
Mandrakesoft not to try pushing GNOME as much as KDE because both desktops are true
alternatives to Windows and MacOS graphical environments. I think GNOME will continue to
become better and better and that's very good news for Linux! That's the reason why we will
push GNOME along with KDE to our users."


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