February 5, 2001

MandrakeSoft abandons idea of Linux as a moneymaker

Author: JT Smith

"MandrakeSoft swears it's not getting out of the Linux distribution business," reports LinuxGram, "but has decided its future lies in applying open source
methodology to education.

Once again now: Mandrake's not getting out of the Linux distribution business. CIO John Corey, better known by the handle "Baker," says
the French company's just not expecting to earn a living off it any more, which is probably a good idea since things have been mighty thin.

So the company just bought Coursemetric Corporation on undisclosed terms. Coursemetric has nothing at all to do with Linux. It's a
Berkeley, California web operation that specializes in aggregating input from university students, instructors and administrators and rating
different schools and individual courses."


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