April 22, 2002

MandrakeSoft announces the immediate availability of Mandrake Linux 8.2 retail packs

MandrakeSoft (http://www.mandrakesoft.com ), a leading provider of Open Source software, today announced the availability of the boxed versions of Mandrake Linux 8.2 through a number of retail outlets worldwide and also online from http://www.mandrakestore.com.
The latest release of MandrakeSoft's popular operating system marks a new step in addressing the special needs of enterprise users while continuing to ease the adoption of Linux by all. Mandrake Linux 8.2 for PowerPack and ProSuite are the first Linux distributions to include StarOffice 6.0, the new office suite from Sun Microsystems which is compatible with Microsoft Office documents.

Customers are provided with three packaged versions of Mandrake Linux 8.2 to choose from: ProSuite ($149.99), PowerPack ($69.99) and Standard ($39.99). OEM versions, targeted at hardware manufacturers, are due out later this month.
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