May 21, 2001

MandrakeSoft CEO steps down

Author: JT Smith

- By Dan Berkes -
MandrakeSoft, creator of the popular Linux-Mandrake distribution, confirmed today that Henri Poole is no longer the company's chief executive officer.
A spokeswoman at the company's Pasadena, Calif., office said that Poole was no longer with the company, but was unable to provide further details. Prior to joining MandrakeSoft, Poole, 37, co-founded Vivid Studios, a popular Web design firm based in the San Francisco bay area. In addition to his role of co-founder, he was also Vivid's chairman and CEO.

The CEO spot at MandrakeSoft has been filled by company co-founder Jacques Le Marois. Along with Le Marois, other top positions at the company are held by fellow company founders Gaël Duval and Frédéric Bastok, who created the Paris-based company in 1998.

MandrakeSoft is perhaps best known for its desktop-centric Linux distribution, touted by the company as "the most international" flavor of Linux available due to an installation program fluent in 40 languages. The change in leadership has led to speculation that the company may shift its strategy from the desktop arena to the enterprise server market.

We'll have more on changes at MandrakeSoft as they come in. Stay tuned!


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