July 27, 2001

Mandrakesoft IPO - How to buy shares?

Author: JT Smith

MandrakeSoft this evening sent out an e-mail message discussing some of the issues surrounding its initial public offering. They would also like community members to share tips and strategies on how to go about purchasing shares on the Euronext exchange within their own countries. Securities-savvy users can contribute to a forum set up by the company, and those posts will eventually be edited into a HOWTO document. Read on for the message:Mandrakesoft IPO - How to buy shares ?

We apologize for any confusion due to the disclaimer on the IPO web
site. The
disclaimer was not well written and the English version has been
updated to
more accurately reflect the process. A disclaimer is required only
there are certain countries where an Initial Public Offering by a
country is strictly regulated. There is no law that forbids the buying
shares, it is just more difficult to do so in an Initial Public

The offering will be closed on Friday at 5PM Paris time. On Monday we
receive the results of the IPO and send it to you; on the 3rd of August
shares will be publicly traded. There is no limitation to buy/sell and
informed about the company after the IPO because it will no longer be
initial offering.

We would like to build a "Howto buy MandrakeSoft shares". Since the
Libre" is not very well known it may be difficult to locate brokers for
purchasing shares in this market. If you have any information about
shares on the Euronext Marché Libre in your country (and the costs for
so) please let the Linux-Mandrake community know on MandrakeForum:
http://www.mandrakeforum.com/article.php?sid=1128&lang=en We'll collect
the responses and build a HowTo.


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