October 30, 2002

MandrakeSoft & partners launch "CLIC"

Gael Duval writes "The goal of the CLIC project is to provide a powerful, simple and easy to install Linux Clustering system by unifying the various stages of installation, interconnect layer set-up and parallel applications deployment."

The first CLIC version features:

- Rapid deployment
- Auto-configuration
- MPICH, LAM & PVM support
- A large number of mathematical libraries
- Netjuggler (a parallelized virtual reality 3D engine)

CLIC was successfully demonstrated by AMD at the San Francisco LinuxWorld Expo in August 2002, tested on a 20-dual AMD processor cluster and has also been installed on 40-dual AMD processor cluster at the LPM2C physics research center (http://lpm2c.polycnrs-gre.fr/).

CLIC is published under the General Public License (GPL). Users can download the first ISO at:

All details are available in a press-release at:
http://www.mandrakesoft.com/company/press/pr?n=/pr /products/2398"

Link: MandrakeSoft

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