January 28, 2002

MandrakeSoft releases beta of Mandrake 8.2

Author: JT Smith

Vivienne writes, "What's new? The new MandrakeControl Center look and feel.
A new reworked installation, with updates download, and a new minimal installation mode (with only basesystem).
Drakbackup, a system backup tools.
New scannerdrake.
Better printerdrake.
New installation rescue mode, with an help menu to automatically mount your old system, rewrite lilo and more.
Encrypted filesystem support.
New diskdrake with encryption support, network filesystem support...
New share function to export local files.
New task-oriented menu.
X session remote-control tools: rfbdrake. To take control remotely of an X session.
Improved urpmi and its graphical interface, rpmdrake.
New MandrakeOnline with updates warning feature, to signal any new updated package available.
New msec, security focus will be one of the major point for 8.2." Editor's note: The supplied download sites didn't work, but here's one from the Mandrake site.
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