June 8, 2001

MandrakeSoft Single Network Firewall product

Author: JT Smith

alien writes, "MandrakeSoft has announced the availability of Single Network Firewall, a firewall product based on the Linux-Mandrake distribution and the Bastille Linux project. Jay Beale, the Bastille Linux founder, works for MandrakeSoft (see the SecurityPortal interview with Jay for details). Single Network Firewall 7.2 is the next step in Mandrake's security strategy from the Mandrake Security Beta released in June 2000. I played that the Security Beta a little, and it was typically user-friendly. The Single Network Firewall is using the 2.2.19 secured kernel. Other features include Snort and Prelude intrusion detection systems to help pick up the pieces if anyone successfully cracks the firewall."


  • Linux
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