September 3, 2013

The Mandriva Education Programme: Special Offer for Education Market

Paris the 3rd of September: Mandriva listens to its customers and pays special attention to the education market. At Mandriva we are convinced that the education market has unique needs in terms of business processes and applications.

This is why Mandriva is launching a special programme: the Mandriva Education Programme. Geared at the education market, this unique opportunity provides thre three major Mandriva solutions (Mandriva Business Server, Mandriva Pulse2, Mandriva Class) at a special price and offers corrective and functional updates as long as version upgrades. This offer works like a yearly subscription to these three software products and is applicable on a one site basis. Rebates are available for additional sites covered.

More information is available on this page and on this brochure. In order to apply to this programme please send us an email or contact us on the phone: +33 (0)1 76 64 16 60 (Paris time)

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