July 27, 2005

Mandriva Linux 2006 Beta officially out

Kadjo N'Doua writes "The test period for Mandriva Linux 2006 has now officially begun with
the first beta available.

If you already have a Mandriva system installed you can simply perform an update with urpmi: the file trees for i586 processors or 64 bit
x86_64 compatible processors are on the /devel/2006.0/ subdirectory of
the mirrors. You will also find ISO images for 3 CDs, also available for
both architectures. Mini ISO files contain the minimum needed to perform
an installation and allow to add extra package sources from FTP mirrors
during the installation.

Not all planned new features are included in this first beta version.
The remaining features will appear in future beta versions.

Download locations are displayed there
http://www1.mandrivalinux.com/en/mandrivalinux-200 6-beta.php3
As always
http://qa.mandriva.com/ is ready to host your bug reports.

All details:
http://www1.mandrivalinux.com/en/mandrivalinux-200 6-beta.php3"

Link: mandrivalinux.com

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