October 12, 2009

Mandriva Linux Security Advisory 2009:273: strongswan

A vulnerability has been found and corrected in strongswan:

The ASN.1 parser (pluto/asn1.c, libstrongswan/asn1/asn1.c,
libstrongswan/asn1/asn1_parser.c) in (a) strongSwan 2.8 before 2.8.10,
4.2 before 4.2.16, and 4.3 before 4.3.2; and (b) openSwan 2.6 before
2.6.22 and 2.4 before 2.4.15 allows remote attackers to cause a denial
of service (pluto IKE daemon crash) via an X.509 certificate with (1)
crafted Relative Distinguished Names (RDNs), (2) a crafted UTCTIME
string, or (3) a crafted GENERALIZEDTIME string (CVE-2009-2185).

This update fixes this vulnerability...

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