Mandriva One video tour


Author: Robin 'Roblimo' Miller

We loaded and ran the 2009 (10th Anniversary) edition of Mandriva Linux One, which we reviewed earlier this week. It’s pretty, it’s smooth, and it had a few problems with the GUI software install/remove utility that would leave a new user scratching his head, but overall, it’s a nice update to a distro that started out with the idea that ordinary, non-technical computer users should be able to install and run GNU/Linux without expert help — and that still adheres to this principle.

This is a two-part video. Video One covers installation and first boot. Video Two deals with software installation and removal, and gives you a brief idea of what software is included in Mandriva One by default. Both videos, together, will show you Mandriva Linux One’s “look and feel” before you decide to download it and try it for yourself.

Video One:


Ogg Theora (right-click to download)

Video Two:

Ogg Theora (right-click to download)


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